Let’s Not Be Serious – Let’s Just Be Sincere.

Every master knows that we are all Buddha disguised as the Self. It’s just that some of us are playing the victim and some of us are free. Like Alan Watts asked,

“Do you define yourself as a victim of the world, or as the world?”

Most of us are walking tragedies, suffering in a cruel world. We all experience pain. We all have scars.


Happy Feet!


But true masters choose happiness without reason. They choose laughter and joy over anger and spite. They honor their scars rather than resent them. They choose dancing rather than depression.

“You must change in order to find your truest self,” writes Bradford Keeney in The Bushman’s Way of Tracking God. “And keep changing. The false idol is any form that hangs around too long and gets fossilized. It’s worth considering that if your ideas of God don’t change, then your ideas are dead. God is not dead. He simply went elsewhere because you were too boring.” Yes! Buddha is us.

Let’s not be serious, let’s just be sincere.


And this is precisely where the Fool and the Sage merge, where humor and wisdom coalesce. Up until the point we meet “Buddha on the road” we are victims of the world, but once we “kill” the Buddha we become the world. We become sacred clowns.

We become holy fools, with the power to keep the journey going despite wounds or set-backs or even enlightenment itself! This is the wisdom of the Fool/Sage –to fail (or succeed), to let go, to have a good laugh, and then to start all over again with our wisdom in tow.

This sacred energy is hiding inside us because we have been too boring. We need to shake ourselves awake. The world is not a frozen thought, but a dynamic feeling, a heroic expression, a comic guffaw. Our bones are too serious inside us. Even our funny bone is serious. We need to loosen up. Let’s not be serious, let’s just be sincere. Shake up your bones. Unloosen the straightjacket that society has strapped around your soul. Let’s hone ourselves into instruments that are sharp. And then let’s have a healthy enough sense of humor to laugh about it afterwards…

Edited for readability from: https://fractalenlightenment.com/26323/spirituality/if-you-meet-the-buddha-on-the-road-kill-him

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