Building New Skills to Last a Lifetime!

Psychotherapy is an  avenue  to help you  discover  and then  drop  all the barriers  –  thoughts, emotions, mistaken beliefs  –  that  build walls  between you and your  birthright to live a  full,  balanced,  and  satisfying life.

Psychotherapy doesn’t just help solve problems –   You  will discover what you need to learn about what caused the barriers in the first place. Only through meeting your process compassionately,  will you be able to change the effects of your history –  now and in the future.

As a graduate from the University of Utah’s Master of Social Work program, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in private practice, with over 20 years of clinical experience. I offer therapy as well as useful information to help anyone improve their mental health, relationships, and quality of life. I come from a psychodynamic perspective, and teach cognitive-behavioral strategies for lasting change.

Through compassionate listening in a safe atmosphere, my clients and I join to discover what’s not working for them, and decide on the outcomes they wish to achieve. In addition, I offer support and the necessary education, training, and self-management skills to last a lifetime.

I have experience working with a diverse population of clientele with problems ranging from life-dissatisfaction to chronic mental illness. I also develop trainings and seminars to meet various business needs. Most of my clients are patient-referrals, attesting to their overall satisfaction.

If you have ineffective patterns of coping, they have become elusive roadblocks, depriving you of your birthright to live a full, balanced, and satisfying life. Through therapy we can explore ways to rewire some of the brain-body’s automatic reactions to experiences. In doing so, we can literally change the effects of your history. When this process is repeated over the course of your therapy it will also help restore the inborn nature of the nervous system to regulate emotion.


  • Skills Training: communication, assertiveness, managing emotions (i.e., anger, anxiety, depression, grief, shyness, social fears); mindfulness; cognitive restructuring; increasing self-awareness and self- esteem.
  • Journaling: free-flow consciousness, the Awareness Wheel, Inner Child healing, dialogues, the ‘unsent’ letter, and The Work.
  • Life Values Clarification: including identifying, action planning, and evaluating progress as well as setbacks.


Relationship issues;  Managing moods/emotions;  Ineffective Habits such as eating disorders, chemical/behavioral dependencies, control issues; Problems with Social Anxiety; Trauma related issues; A desire for a more Meaningful Existence.


Mood Disorders: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, circumstantial

Substance Abuse and Addictions, with additional expertise in Dual Diagnosis, Eating disorders, Sexual addictions, and Codependency

Anxiety Disorders: Social, Generalized, Panic, OCD, Trauma related (PTSD), and Agoraphobia

Relationship Counseling: Marital, Adult-Child, LGBT, Employee-Supervisor, and the relationship with Yourself

Skills Training: Stress reduction, Communication, Assertiveness, Anger/Mood Management, Cognitive Restructuring, Mindfulness, Self Awareness

Business Specialties: Critical-Incident-Stress-Management (CISD), customized seminars and presentations


 If you’d like to work with me, have a question, or want to chat, please call or text

801-252- 6754

or email me:

Join Me :  Jane A. Weiss, LCSW on Facebook

My office is in Salt Lake City, but I have recently started video sessions. Contact me if you are interested!

Directions to Eagle Plaza,  4505 S. Wasatch Blvd. Suite 330A, Salt Lake City, 84124 ⇒

IMG_1450From the South on I-15
Take I-215 East
Take Exit #4 toward 3900/3300 South.  Stay to the Right (Wasatch Blvd.), and turn right.
At the second light turn Left (Brockbank Drive)
Take an immediatel right into the parking lot of Eagle Plaza

From the North on I-15
Take I-80 East toward Cheyenne.
Merge onto I-215 South via Exit 128 toward the Belt Route.
Take Exit #5 – 4500 South.
Turn Left at the stop, crossing the freeway.
Go straight, crossing Wasatch Blvd at the light.
Take an immediately right into the parking lot of Eagle Plaza.

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