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Fog and Forested Ridges

 Here’s what others have said about working with

Jane A Weiss, LCSW:


“I’ve always known there is value in counseling, but I didn’t fully recognize the benefits until I started seeing Jane Weiss.  I don’t know where I would be without Jane.  She is insightful and caring and has helped me address and work through issues I’d never have tackled on my own.  In the seven months I’ve been seeing Jane, I have been able to rediscover the happiness I thought I’d lost years ago, but that had only been buried deep within me.  I’d recommend Jane Weiss to anyone considering therapy.” ~ L.

“Jane has helped me through many difficult times,  from a strained marital situation to dealing with old behaviors from my past to dealing with the deaths of my wife,  then my dad.   She has done this with understanding,  knowledge and a great sense of compassion.” –  R

I haven’t seen you in 4 years but I need to tell you,  you have positively impacted my life. You are amazing at what you do.  You literally saved my life.  Thank you.”  – A

“Jane has helped me through family cancer,  divorce and hardest of all,  life.  She has given me the necessary tools to stay focused on what really matters.  She has helped me anchor to the good things in life and work through the tough things instead of letting them fester and become more than they really are.  I have recommended many friends to Jane,  including my husband and our marriage is stronger and happier because we do the work Jane has taught us.”  ~ C

“I find your blog such a refreshing outlier from the self-help school of therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists. You avoid broad sweeping proclamations, which is my biggest issue with traditional self-help blogs. ” ~ J

“I want to say thank you for many years ago.
You listened when I need someone to listen.
You cared when no one else seemed to.
Thank you so very much. You are remembered kindly!
I just wanted you to know.”
~ S

“I have a wonderful, full life. Thank you, Jane, for helping me see it. And thank you for being my Guru. I love you!” ~ C.

“I have been seeing Jane for the last two months and she is a very friendly but direct person. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and really understands peoples behaviors and emotions. Jane is helping me through the hardest months of my life and is giving me the necessary tools and supports to get through it.” ~D

Jane has been my therapist for several years. She is not your usual therapist that sits and listens to you. Jane engages me In our sessions, makes me reflect, and has made an enormous difference in my life. She is thoughtful, methodical, and kind. ~ M

Jane has been excellent and I have been seeing her for five years. She is empathetic and helpful. I have had an outstanding experience and would heartily endorse any who need help to see Jane.  ~ B

When I first found Jane, I thought my relationship with my daughter was beyond repair. After six months, I am grateful to say that there has been much healing and we are regaining the love and respect and compassion that had slipped away. Our communication with one another is kinder and gentler; I know we still have a ways to go in that area, I trust that Jane will take us there.  ~ B