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While researchers are still uncovering the secrets of how the brain works, they have discovered plenty of information about what goes on inside your head. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of brain myths out there.

The following are just a few of the many

myths about the brain :

Myth 1 – We only use 10% of our brains. PET and MRI scans show that much more than 10% of the brain is used during even simple tasks.

Myth 2 – The brain declines as we get older. Though some cognitive functions do decline as we get older, plenty of our mental skills actually improve with age. Vocabulary, linguistic comprehension, conflict resolution and emotional regulation are just a few areas in which older brains can perform better than their younger counterparts.

Myth 3 – Brian damage is always permanent. The myth that we are born with a finite number of brain cells has perpetuated the idea that brain damage is permanent. But, we now know that the brain can develop new connections to substitute for ones which are broken and “reroute” functions through healthy areas.

Myth 4 – The brain is hard-wired. One of the most enduring myths about the brain is that specific areas were responsible for specific functions. In fact, the brain is remarkably flexible. A good example of this is that the brain of a blind person can “rewire” part of their brain responsible for sight to improve their hearing.

Myth 5 – Left-brained people are organised, right brained people are creative
. Though there are parts of the brain that are generally reserved for specific functions, both sides of the brain are used together. The claims that we rely on one side of our brain, or that a left/right orientation signifies creativity or organisation, have been disproved.

Myth 6 – Your memory is an exact account of what you see and experience. Though some people have better memory that others, nobody’s memory is perfect. In fact, when we remember a memory we’re often recalling the last time that we remembered it (rather than the original memory), meaning that the memory is altered slightly with every successive time that it is recalled.

Myth 7 – Listening to classical music will make a baby smarter. Though it’s tempting to believe in a “Mozart Effect”, there is no evidence to support the idea that playing classical music to a bay can make them smarter.

Myth 8 -Brain games improve your memory and reasoning skills. The BBC commissioned a study to investigate this theory by asking over 8600 people ahead 18-60 to play online brain games designed to improve memory and reasoning for ten minutes a day, three times a week. The study showed that after six weeks the test subjects didn’t do any better on memory/reasoning tests than comparable subjects.

Myth 9 – Your IQ stays the same throughout your life. IQ is by no means a perfect test of intelligence, but it has been long thought that our IQs stay the same throughout our lives. This idea has since been debunked by testing students as they grow older, with 9% of students tested showing changes of 15 points or more after four years.

Myth 10 – Your brain works better under pressure. Though the pressure of a decline can motivate is to work harder, it doesn’t result in better brain performance, and is actually much more likely to impair function.

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Where Do We Know?

Where are our beliefs? And, how do we know if we even believe them? For example, I know the word “purple”, but is my purple the same as yours? Just because society agrees on a word to represent the color, where is this story?

At first, it’s in the mind, labeled FACT. But to really know – to own it – is on a different level.

If we intentionally reshape the stories in our mind, we can experience our authentic selves (“Authentic” in this article refers primarily to being free of imposed identities).

Studies in neuroplastcity (The brain’s ability to form new neural connections) suggest we can actually CHANGE the results of earlier experiences – even when trauma has occurred.

Neuroplastcity is a fairly recent discovery. It means, basically, that our brain is malleable. It can be taught to override experiences and create new connections.

This is an exciting discovery! It wasn’t that long ago that we thought the brain had a limited number of neurons and cells, and that they each were assigned a specific role. For example, one might hold a memory, another recognizes the color red. We now know,however, that all of this is just the beginners guide to the brain! There’s so much more!

Methods That Are Useful to Rewire the Brain

Research has shown that just writing for a few minutes each day about anything can dramatically boost your happiness and sense of wellbeing.

Try This:

On a deeper level, try writing about an event that truly hurt you in some way. After venting (on paper), take a break. Then, re-write your story with the title “A Heroes Journey“. Notice that a change in perspective is a change in reality.

Crazy, right?

But all of our “truths”, our perceptions, are malleable. They are NOT factual.

My friend and trusted “guru”, Byron Katie, says it this way:

” In this world “I” is always you. I never cease to love what I create and give life to, which is you, me, everything.

How is it okay that children suffer? Look to your own suffering and ask yourself. End the suffering of one child in the world: you.

If you are suffering, you are a child, a child in awareness, innocently suffering your own lack of enlightenment, your own immaturity. As a child, the only possible way to suffer is to believe the thoughts arising in the mind.

The only way to suffer is to believe that you really believe what you think you believe.

Discovering your true self is the beginning of the end of suffering in your world. You have the power to end fear, and the end of fear is the end of war.

I invite you to take yourself to the paradigm-shift that is possible right here, right now.

Take a little walk into you and change the whole world!

Isn’t that what you really want?”

Discover your own innocent story, and give yourself the compassion you deserve.