Breathe To Stay In The Now

… Rhythms…

Breathing in I feel my strong emotions.

Breathing out, I smile.

I stay with my breathing

so I won’t lose myself .

– Thich Naht Hanh

We Are the Witnesses of the Magnificent

Through OUR eyes, the Universe perceives itself. Through our ears, the Universe can hear its harmonies. By being a witness, the Universe becomes conscious! Through our perception of Life‘s magnificence, we see the glory of all created; we experience the awesomeness of the creator. ~ Alan Watts ~  Inspiring words from a great master.

I can’t help but think that such a meditation as this, Alan Watts’s words, could cure loneliness. By broadening our perspective of what life is all about we come to know, on a very deep and real level, that everything, everyone is connected.

Instead of noticing our differences, we can choose to focus on all we have in common.