Mirror neurons and emotional intelligence

Thanks for this! I first heard about the mirror neuron watching “I Am”! :)


ImagenThe child stares astonished at the world… he /she observes and then imitates. A capacity empowered by neurons especially active at first years of life: mirror neurons. Neurons that are activated in the same way when they observe an outside movement and when it is done by themselves. Human development leads to a unconcius process of tons of information, emotionally reacting to it. Information expressed in the face, body and facial and gestures, that we started to imitate internally.

Certain people have the ability to quickly recognize how may feel people that they observe. Given that it’s been investigated that people with autism show a dysfunction in this kind of neurons, we could argue that there may be a relation between empathy and this neuron development. As they function automatically, it seems to indicate that, in a unsuspected way, emotional education may be exercised in the first years of life…

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