What Can We Control?


Nothing Is Under Control – except my thinking.

When my mind wanders…  and starts thinking about things I cannot control, I notice tension in my body. I now see tension as a signal that I AM DELUSIONAL (Don’t worry – It’s not as bad as it sounds), and I go inside myself to observe what story I am running.

Life is simple. It’s internal.

There are only three kinds of business in the universe: mine, yours, and God’s. Whose business is it if an earthquake happens? God’s business. Whose business is it if your neighbor down the street has an ugly lawn? Your neighbor’s business. Whose business is it if you are angry at your neighbor down the street because he has an ugly lawn? Your business. ” ~ Byron Katie

Can I control the weather? No. When I argue with the weather – in my mind – I feel distress.

Can I control your life’s path? No. When I try – if only in my mind – I feel distress.

Life is internal. Clearly I am here to evolve. My job is to work on me. When I work on me, it can’t help but improve my relationships, my sense of peace, my World!

As a therapist I have learned that my job – my business – is to hear my client’s story, to understand how that story affects my client, and feel the anguish of that story. Then, gently, slowly, I make it my business to help them reconsider where they have the most control.



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5 thoughts on “What Can We Control?

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  2. Lately I’ve been wondering if I have any control at all both internally or externally…whether any modality actually works…whether any effort in any direction is merely a fools game. In one issue I was dealing with it seemed the more I tried, the behinder I got. I would get brief moments of thinking I had finally risen above ‘this thing’ only to find myself slammed back. Interesting to watch this play of life.

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      • Ya, so, the deal is that this recognition of life unfolding with or without any effort from this entity known as ‘me’ is a recent realization. The issue I spoke of above hammered it home and made it blatantly clear that any attempt at control is basically a waste and comedy. Laughing is the only option left.

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