Kissing God

Source: Live Life HD WallpaperWhen no one is looking

And I want to kiss God

I just lift my own hand to my mouth

– Hafiz*


*Hafiz was a Persian poet who wrote when he was divinely inspired – poetry worthy of the Beloved. His praises of love and wine (and also religious hypocrisy), are poems to God and about God. 

With this viewpoint, everything is a reflection of God.

What do YOU think?

I want to know!



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5 thoughts on “Kissing God

  1. Everything is, even the reflection, even the ‘wanting’, which you’d think creates separation, but it doesn’t. God or consciousness is everything, thought, moment. I get his imagery!!!

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    • I’m so glad you get it! This is why I adore Rumi and Hafis – this is in everything they write. And the longing/wanting you speak of is always, really, a desire for connection to God (or consciousness).

      “Beyond all ideas of right doing and wrong doing,
      There is a field. I’ll meet you there.

      When the soul lies down in that grass,
      The world is too full to talk about.

      Even the phrase ‘each other’
      doesn’t make any sense.”




  2. The older I get, the more I realize and see God’s hand in every thing. At the time things happen, you don’t always know, but when you look back , you are able to see why the experiences happened and that some needed to occur before more growth was possible. I have learned that love is our real purpose on earth and love comes from the God in us. He is the ocean and we are the rivers, rivers of life, rivers of love reflecting the love of the Great One. As humans we make mistakes and have human weaknesses which gets in the way of us reflecting love, but in the end, you find it all comes back again to love.

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