Look Beyond the Rational


Scientists are agreeing with what our “”gut” has told us all along: We function best when we engage both our heart – intuition, feelings, compassion – our right-brain, as well as our cognitive intelligence – the rational, factual – the left-brain. (But  “right brained” or “left brained” is more of a metaphor – it’s not literally true.)  It turns out that there are valid reasons why we refer to “the gut” for instinct and “the heart” for emotion, feeling and love. We have messenger-cells throughout the body. So it’s not about right or left – it’s more about how integrated we are.

Maybe we should call the heart our organ of intelligence, while the brain is our organ of cognition. 

One thought on “Look Beyond the Rational

  1. Makes sense. The more we rationalize something the more we dilute it, to make it comprehensible the measly part of our brain that is self aware and thinks.

    Gut instincts, feelings and intuition in my opinion have a superior advantage when dealing with complex issues, and most things are complex nowadays.

    A child learns how to catch a ball well before he knows any mathematics, but to make the calculation one would need to be very proficient in calculus, not the easiest of subjects.

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