Changes Happen in a Spiral

Always going deeper…


Personal growth doesn’t occur in a straight line; it happens in a spiral.

You will continually come back to things you thought you understood and see a deeper truth…

and we can never go back to exactly where we were in the past. It isn’t possible!

People will often tell me that their journals are repeats of the same stuff – year after year:

“Recently I happened to look at some journal entries from the year 2000. I was shocked to discover I am still whining and  complaining about basically the same stuff as 15 years ago! Different place, different time, but not much has changed. It really hit home for me!”  (anonymous)
 … but that isn’t really true. The topics may be similar: romance, our significant other, self-destructive patterns, feelings of loneliness, etc. Journal entries can look the same because most people write when they are struggling. TIP: Go back to your journal entries and, with another colored pen, write what you have learned since then. You may be amazed! :) .. because we grow, in spirals.

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