Free Your Mind and Experience the World

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At least once a day, free your mind and experience the world.

Take any activity you may have during the day and for 5 minutes, try to stay completely submerged, using as many senses as you can.  If you are going for a walk, breathe in the fresh air, notice the beautiful clouds above, notice the colors surrounding you, listen to the birds chirping…

Use this on any activity, even washing the dishes or folding laundry. When thoughts pop into your head, let them come and go and then refocus yourself on the activity. By refocusing on your senses, you are retraining your brain. The thoughts will have less and less of a stressful impact.

You will find that for those five minutes, all of life’s stressors were nonexistent. Practicing this every day, even for only five minutes, will form a habit and make living in the moment a more spontaneous  occurrence.

2 thoughts on “Free Your Mind and Experience the World

  1. Oh, amen to this. A few moments of mindfulness is like having a mini vacation. It’s like taking a break, but rather than escaping things for a few moments, one simply takes the time to really enjoy all the things we were missing in our business.

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