Creating Bonds through Thoughtfulness

Family LIFE…

sometimes can seem very monotonous.  Our alarms go off, we get everyone off to where they need to go. Then we work, run a few errands, carpool, serve dinner, and go to bed — only to do it all over again!  While we can create deep meaning in this routine, it is FUN, and relationally necessary, to break out every once in a while and do something different.

Going zip lining through a forest, or taking a ride on Seattle’s new Ferris wheel above the city sounds exciting, but clearly most of us can’t fit that in between piano at 4:00pm and soccer at 5:30pm.

So what do we do?

We surprise small.  

Small surprises are thoughtful, and they foster good will in relationships. girl-94876_640


They communicate to the other person that you have thought of them, put effort toward them, and have taken the time to do something to make their life just a little bit better.

Last year I was out running errands, and decided that I’d grab a couple of bags of super-saver popsicle and drop by my 5th grader’s lunch at the elementary school.  I honestly was not prepared for the response.  It was a total mob scene.  As my son happily ran around the cafeteria handing out popsicles, kids followed him in droves, begging to have one.  I should have brought a few more bags with me!

Hudson was thrilled with this small surprise.  After school he said, “Mom, thanks so much for making my lunch so much fun today.”  Was that small effort worth it? 10x YES!


We can incorporate small surprises into our regular routine.


•Leave 5 min. early for school and drop by the donut house (without telling them).

•Get everyone ready for bed, then call them outside.  Make a bed on the lawn and look at the stars.

•Reserve their favorite book at the library, and surprise them with it at the counter when you go to check out.

•Leave a note for your husband or teenager on the steering wheel of their car.


The goal is to put a twist on something ordinary – to foster belonging, whimsy, and joy.  


Todays Dare:

Think of a regular activity you could do with a simple twist!

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