Hold your Tongue

Hold your tongueHere is some advice to watch what you say, but what I got out of it was this:

“And the truth shall set you free”

Giving someone honest feedback, even if it may be upsetting, creates an opportunity for the “other” to take a look at themselves. Who knows – maybe they ponder… and change.

The Fickle Heartbeat

Hold your tongue

When I was younger (immature to be more correct), I thought I had an advantage as a girl. As the girl, I was the one who could get mad, throw stupid tantrums, and yell out, “I don’t ever want to see your face again!” And he would have to apologize, beg and plead to have me back. Yeah, my first boyfriend spoiled me rotten, which resulted in many years of failed relationships oblivious to what I was doing wrong. Honestly, (cross my heart) I really didn’t know that guys could get their hearts broken too. I really thought they were immune to those “girly” (sad, mad, furious and annoying) feelings, so I barged into their lives, caused a ruckus, stirred up all kinds of trouble, and casually left when I felt like I needed my “space”.

It wasn’t until later when someone I really liked told me after a few…

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