“Depression is a disease of civilization”

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“Depression is a disease of civilization”
TED Talk Speaker Stephen Ilardi
Post Created by Jennifer Kiley
Posted Thursday 14th August 2014

Humans were never meant for this world.
We were never designed for the sedentary,
indoor, socially isolated, sleep deprived,
vastly lazy pace of human life. Our genes
haven’t changed that much.

Depression has continued to increase.

There is a need to have a change of
life style. What did our ancestors do
that we are doing to protect ourselves
from the overwhelming illness of

There are way to Work on Depression

Exercise is medicine. It changes the
brain & the body. But we don’t exercise.
It slows down the aging process. If you
live you don’t need exercise. What we
need to be is physically active.

Brisk walking is good. If you are
able to. 30 mins. 3 x per week.

We need Omega…

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