Yes – You Are the Center of the Universe!

“I use to believe that there was a you and a me.

Then I discovered that there’s no you, that in fact you are me.

There aren’t two to take care of, or three or four or a billion. There’s only ONE. The relief of that! It’s enormous!

“You mean there is nothing to do? That if Im okay, everything is ok?”

Yes, that’s exactly it. It’s self realization. Everything falls sweetly, effortlessly, into your lap. You are not only the center, you are the circumference. You are the whole circle, and your everything outside the circumference, too. Nothing can limit or circumscribe you.. you are all of it. Nothing exists that doesn’t come out of you. Do you understand? If it doesn’t come out of you it cannot exist.



What are you manifesting? Stars? Universes? A tree? A bird? A stone? Well, who is the thinker? Take a look: Did anything exist before you thought it? When you’re asleep and not dreaming, where is the world?

When I first realized there was only me, I began to laugh and the laughter ran deep. I preferred reality to denial. And that was the end of sorrow”.  

Byron Katie

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