Why did this happen? Estranging myself from my mother.

Very profound.

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Why did this happen?

There is no answer to that question.

There are too many answers to that question.

If your childhood was unhappy, if there was someone who hurt you when their role was to protect you, you may never know why it was that way. It may not be possible to reconstruct how their weaknesses and angers and sorrows were weighed, over and over, against their strengths and sense of responsibility and their love for you – and why they all too often came up short. It is dead weight you will carry on your back, in your mind and your heart, without ever seeing it in full. It is dark matter pulling unseen at the stars in your sky.

If you estrange yourself from them, you will grieve this loss for years, like the death of a beloved. Giovanna Calvino, daughter of Italo, spoke of timelessly mourning…

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3 thoughts on “Why did this happen? Estranging myself from my mother.

  1. While in the midst of the human experience, we will not be able to figure out the “whys”. That is as it should be, in order that we might fully experience the impact of this life’s adventures. Once on “the other side”, we understand, because we ourselves set up those human experiences in order to find out what we are really made of — who we are, and how we react under various testing influences, etc. It’s very much like a virtual reality video game in that respect, except that we get so engrossed in our characters that we forget momentarily who we are, and that it is actually a game — not real, illusion. We are endlessly curious, and so submit to all sorts of experiences that, from a strictly human point of view, might seem rather disagreeable. For one thing, as humans, we are fooled by the trick of time. For example, my Mate was stricken with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 9, and has suffered the deterioration this disease brings on, for over 50 years. Why would she choose that? Well, I will offer that it has probably been the best thing for her particular soul evolution, and in the midst of it all, she has been a tremendous source of inspiration for many others who suffer from debilitating physical conditions. During an nde, she was also shown how this life is like an eye blink. Of course, we do not often have the benefit of expanded consciousness while incarnate, but as I mentioned, that amnesia serves its purpose. When we actually do resume our true nature as immortal spiritual beings, we will have no doubt that all is well, and always has been.


    • Thanks Bob.In this case, the woman is actually very courageous to realize that continued contact with her family wasn’t something she could manage and still be whole. You and I are like-minded: “When we actually do resume our true nature as immortal spiritual beings, we will have no doubt that all is well, and always has been.” :)


      • Family situations are often the most challenging, which is part of the reason we particularly choose those with whom we are going to have that experience — to put ourselves in the fire, as it were, and burn off the obstructions to selflessness. Again, it will usually not make sense from a strictly human perspective, but the soul has its own mission.



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