Try a radical shift in your perception of reality.

The 4 Questions

Try a radical shift in your perception of reality.

Byron Katie teaches a method for this that is called “The Work”.
The process consists of four self-inquiry questions (above) and a thought-reversal technique called a ‘turnaround’. It’s deceptively simple and deliciously deep.

“You have the choice to see the Reality of the moment or the choice to project onto it the perceived past or future. It appears the past has happened in its own moments of time and is unchangeable, and so the future is determined as you interpret the past. But to see it again as it really happened is to change it – therefore it is changeable.

We are only this moment in Reality. Everyone can learn to live in the moment, to catch everything as the moment, to love what is in front of you as you. The miracle of love, of What Is, comes to you in the presence of the uninterrupted moment. If you are out of the Reality of the moment, you miss real life. Be the moment and experience the Joy and Love that you are. Now is all there is and all there ever will be. This is beyond imagination. This is simply the obvious.”

Check out The Work, free, on the web (, and search for her on YouTube.

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