Bring On The Passion!

She bubbled over with laughter as we drove.  I smiled, knowing all of this excitement had one source: the boyfriend.

My young friend bounded from the car, curls bouncing, as she raced to meet him.  It was as if she could not stand to be a part from him one more minute.

I found myself longing for those feelings again.

Don’t get me wrong, after almost 20 years, the love my husband and I share is deep and satisfying.  But how long has it been since I’ve rushed in the door to see him, flushed from excitement?  Or felt that twinge of butterflies before meeting him on a date?  When is the last time I flirted with him and played coy?

Too long.

We often end up living marriage in beige – routine, calm, mellow, neutral.  He does his job, she does her job, and together they make the family go round.

This works.  Everyone knows their role and place.  But who wants to live in beige all the time?

To keep the sparks of passion ignited, sometimes we need to paint over that beige and  go red.

Red is not a neutral color.  Words like passion, love, strength, vitality, energy, and intensity are all terms that people use when they think of red.  Let’s apply these to our marriage.

We need to bring back dating, kiss like we mean it, and love with excitement and wonder.

Bring back the heat.  Bring back the red!

Todays Dare:

Grab your partner when he walks in the door, and give him a passionate kiss.  

As a bonus option – wear red!


Source: Krista Gilbert at