Being Real


Right? ;)

What does “being who you are” mean? 

It starts with monitoring less, being less anxious about making mistakes, and less apologetic about other people’s opinions of you.

Being Real means allowing yourself to evolve and change.

It requires being responsible for your own philosophies, opinions, and decisions, and accepting the myriad of contradictions that are part of life… Part of you.

5 thoughts on “Being Real

  1. I love this message! In the past, I had tried to hide but it was soo uncomfortable, and then the people around me were not my real friends; What you say is very important, thank you for reminding us!


  2. Jane, I am pleased that you allow me to repost this visual on my blog. I am also a psychotherapist and clinical social worker and I love what you do with visuals. I am a new blogger and want to make contact with other therapists who blog. Drop in on me sometime and, as for me, I plan to follow you. Joyce


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